SJC Canteen Menu2 & 3 2021


Canteen Menu – Term One

Canteen Menu Term 1 2020

The Western Australian Department of Education has implemented the Healthy Food and Drink policy in public schools. The policy is based on a Traffic Light system:

GREEN – fill the Menu;
AMBER – select carefully; and
RED – off the menu.

Whilst the policy does not apply to the provision of food in lunchboxes, parents can support healthy eating by applying this simple Traffic Light system when filling lunchboxes.

In the interest of our students’ health and well-being, St Jude’s has chosen to follow the Traffic Light system by serving food that is based on the core food groups.  We predominantly offer those classified as Green.  The Green selection can be supplemented by items classified as Amber.  We do not sell items classified as Red.

For further information the Traffic Light system please visit the School Canteen Association website.

We are moving to a more environmentally friendly canteen.  If you would like to purchase our reusable lunch bags, please contact the school office

St Jude’s Canteen is open on Mondays and Wednesdays.