Term 2, 2020

Visual Art

Year 1

We learned what are lines and drew different types of lines. We created this amazing artwork.

We also made an Indigenous dot painting using cotton tips. We found it difficult to keep the dots close together but we tried our best.


Year 3

We talked about the artist, Claude Monet’s ‘Marine Sunrise’ and the use of complementary colours. We did our best to replicate his painting. We are very proud of our efforts.

We made animal dot painting for our indigenous art project. These are some of our artworks.

Year 5/6

We looked at Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ and discussed the use of lines and colours and meaning of his artwork. This is what our ‘Starry Night’ looks like. We made animal dot painting and a sunset scene for our Indigenous art project. We created some awesome artwork.


Year 3

This term we explored artwork from other cultures. We looked at Rangoli which is a traditional folk art from India that uses intricate patterns and geometric designs. It creates a sacred welcoming area which is believed to bring good luck. We used coloured rice, salt and ground rice to create our colourful design.

Year 5

This term we looked at Masks from around the world and discussed how every culture has some form of masks. Masks are created for specific purpose in every culture. Japanese, Chinese and Indonesian masks are used in traditional theatre and festivals while some masks are worn at masquerade balls.

Year 6

This term we explored artwork from the Asian Culture and created Balinese/Indonesian Shadow Puppets or Wayang Kulit. The puppets are decorated with details of facial features, headdresses and jewellery. We used  cardboard and brads to make the puppets move. We created some very interesting looking puppets!


Term 2

Pre-Primary, Year 1 and Year 2

This term students created artworks using natural materials such as dried leaves, twigs and pods. They created foxes, tree collages and Van Gogh’s Sunflowers with these materials.



Year 4

This term the Year 4 students learned about sustainability in class and so they explored how they could create artwork using used water bottles. They were able to create flowers from these bottles to make a flower garden and a vase of flowers.

Year 3, Year 5 and 6

This term students looked Bark Paintings by famous Indigenous Artists of the Northern Territory. They learned about symbols, colours and cross-hatching techniques used in  Bark Painting. Students created some very interesting artwork.

Term 1 Visual Arts…

The Arts have the capacity to engage, inspire and enrich all students, exciting the imagination and encouraging them to reach their creative and expressive potential. The term ‘creativity’ plays a critical role in all arts subjects.

All students have worked hard on completing some amazing art projects this term.