A lot of students have been working very hard to pass the Hiragana Karate Belts Challenge this term.  Congratulations to Noel and Ryan in year 5 for obtaining their black belts!! This mean they can read all the hiragana characters. It is such an amazing achievement.  I am very proud of them!

Year 1 have learnt some Japanese children’s songs.  They can sing a song called ‘kobutanuki’.  They learnt the names of animals and the noise these animals make in Japanese.  They made a ‘neko’ (cat) with origami paper.

Year 2 learnt 7 kanji characters.  They are mountain (山), river (川), mouth (口), eyes (目), fire (火), Moon (月), and Sun (日).  They learnt how these characters were made from pictures and they made a kanji booklet.

Year 3 learnt about the seasons in Japan and compared the seasons in Australian to Japan’s.  They were very interested in the Snow Festival in Japan and a lot of them said they would love to go to Japan during winter.

Year 4 learnt how to change present tense verbs into past tense verbs.  They talked about imaginary holidays in Japanese.  Guess where they said they went in the holidays?  Antarctica!

Year 5 students tried Japanese calligraphy.  They used real calligraphy ink and paper.  They all had lots of fun!

Year 6 students learnt how to seek permission in Japanese.  They played a card game to practise the new grammar, ‘temo iidesu ka?’.   I was very impressed to see everyone engaged in this activity and see how quickly they learnt this new grammar.


Term 1 in Japanese…

This year, we have started ‘hiragana karate belts’.  Hiragana is one of the Japanese writing systems.  Students who want to improve their reading skills come to the library every Tuesday at recess and practise reading hiragana using the hiragana cards. When they are ready, I test each student.  Lots of keen students come and practise reading hiragana and I am very impressed with their effort and progress.  Keep up the good work!

Year 1 learnt numbers as well as kanji.  They enjoyed making Japanese numbers with pipe cleaners. They also practised singing Japanese songs.

Year 2 practised reading and copying hiragana characters.  They started learning how to read words written in hiragana.

Year 3 learnt about Japan’s girl’s festival.  They had lots of fun making ‘hina dolls’ for this celebration.

Year 4 practised talking about their daily life.  They memorised various verbs to go with a song and actions.

Year 5 learnt how to describe people, animals and items.  They loved playing an online quiz to revise what they have learnt.

Year 6 students have just learnt how to format a Japanese letter.  They are now practising reading letters.

I hope everyone will have a good holiday and I look forward to seeing you all work hard again next term!

Mrs Waghorn