Welcome to St Jude’s Kindy!

We are all having such a lovely time of being together in Kindy with our friends and teachers. Outside is amazing fun with the water channel, the sand, the cooking things and the sun. Making mud cakes, soup, stew and spicy food is the best! Running around in our bare feet, in the mud is tremendous!

Working inside is great fun. We have the Christmas wrapping and decorating the Christmas tree. There are different kinds of puppets from the Nativity so we can re=tell the story of the First Christmas with Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. We are singing the songs and practising the movements for our Christmas songs to perform at the Christmas Concert.

We are learning the sounds of the letters, the shape of the letter, how we write it and which of our names have this letter in them. There is also a particular movement we make when we say this letter and we can do this too.

We are counting together each Kindy day how many children are together on the mat. Some days we get all the way up to 29! Aren’t we just so very clever.

We are talking about how we can be a good friend and things that make us a good friend. Jesus wants us to be friends to each other and to look after each other. We also learnt that Jesus is the boss of all of us, as well as the trees, the fishes, the birds and the apes. He’s pretty mighty and amazing.

Thank you to all of the parents who have supported us through this year by bringing their children on time, helping their children with their jobs in the morning, reading to their child, sending healthy fruit and food in lunch boxes, reading the communication book, collecting their children on time and returning their library books. As well as in many other important ways – we appreciate you and we honour you! It has been a wonderful journey so far and we look forward to continuing to work together with you until the end of our year, it has been an absolute joy!