Welcome to St Jude’s Kindy!

We have had a wonderful third term at Kindy with so many events and learning opportunities.

We have been watching our vegetables growing through the winter and we picked some of them today to eat. We have beetroot, carrots and 3 different kinds of lettuce.   We shared in the pyjama day and had lots of fun with our teachers.   We went on a bus all the way to AQWA and it was fabulous. We got to see sharks, manta rays and crayfish. The bus trip was really tiring and most of us fell asleep on the way home.

Our Fathers Movie Night was Celebrated with a sausage sizzle, popcorn, apple juice and some Wallace and Gromit.   It was so very special the dads with their special little ones.   Great jobs Dads and to the mums who were holding the fort.

We were lucky enough to receive  a mud kitchen for our outdoor mud pies, mud cakes, mud puddings and soups. This was generously gifted to us by the FOSJ and we are loving it. It has been the best fun ever!

Time in Kindy is always busy, messy and loads of fun and that’s just how we like it.


Term 2:

Kindy is so much fun.

Our Mums joined us for Mothers day activities..

We have also been learning so much and having fun exploring.

Previously in Kindy...

We have settled in so well to Kindy.  We have been learning a lot of new and exciting things.   We love having stories read to us (even if something a little ‘scary’ happens in them)

We love to play with our friends.  There are so many wonderful things we experience in our playground!