Physical Education & Health

We have been busy in Phys Ed this term and have participated in some fun sporting events.

Interschool Cricket Carnival

Students in Years 4-6 participated in the Interschool Cricket Carnival.  All the schools did a great job and showed good sportsmanship.  Overall St. Jude’s came 4th. The day was a great way to interact with other communities and school teams and overall the day was very fun and enjoyable.  (Leonica) 

I thought that the cricket carnival was a blast. Even though we came 4th (it was not the last place).  The other schools were good at cricket.  It was a fun day and we were a good team by cheering on the other members when they were batting.  (Jasmin)

I thought the cricket carnival was a fun and enjoyable experience.  In our first games we lost by only a few points, and on the second game we were tied.  We all tried our best and cheered each other on. In the end we came 4th place, and the boys came 3rd.   (Destiny)

SEDA Football Clinic

For two weeks this term, the SEDA students came out to St Jude’s to help us with football skills.  In the football clinic each class had to do some passing and throwing with the footy balls and we got to play a game.  It was fun to learn from the SEDA students.  (Harry)

Next term we move to the winter events including the Interschool Cross Country and the Lightning Carnival.