Pre-Primary have had an amazing Term Two and have accomplished so much over the term. The students are becoming inquisitive learners and advocates for the environment. This term, Pre-Primary joined with Kindy to revitalize the garden beds and gardens in our playground. Together we planted various fruits and vegetables to help us learn about sustainability and ways we can look after the environment. Take a look at all of the fun we had while planting and weeding out the garden beds.

Well done Pre-Primary on a successful Term Two!

Miss Guagliardo, Mrs. Grupillo and the Pre-Primary Class

Previously in Pre-Primary…

Hello and welcome to Pre-Primary for 2019!   What an amazing start to the year it has been!

In Pre-Primary we have had such a creative, investigative and fun filled start to the school year that no one wants to go home at the end of each day!   Miss Guagliardo is so proud of our progress in the classroom and we really like learning in our hands-on classroom environment.

Take a look at some of the amazing work we have been doing in Pre-Primary!

My favourite thing about Pre-Primary so far has been:

  • Sharleen – playing with my friends and painting with Mrs. Grupillo.
  • Milan – playing with the hula hoops and playing with my friends.
  • Abuk – skipping with my friends and running with my friends.
  • Jordan – playing with Alex and playing in the Pizza Shop.
  • Anyang – playing with toys and drawing.
  • Alex – playing in the Pizza Shop and playing Police.
  • Prabmeet – having fun and playing outside.
  • Tobias – running fast and jumping outside
  • Lathvika – playing with Diana and drawing pictures.
  • Felix – running outside and pushing people on the swing.
  • Dennis – getting stickers and playing with my friends.
  • Akoi – helping my friends and sharing with my friends.
  • Adrian – doing art and playing with my friends.

Well done Pre-Primary on a successful start to term one!

Miss Guagliardo, Mrs. Grupillo and the Pre-Primary Class