Pre-Primary have had such an amazing Term Four and have accomplished so much over the year. The students have become inquisitive learners and are writing sentences, reading simple texts and completing Math’s sums all on their own!  Some of the special things we like doing in Pre-Primary are:

  • Leo – using the iPads and going to church.
  • Jacob – eating mulberries from our mulberry tree.
  • Indi – drawing and doing lots of paintings.
  • Sophia – drawing pictures and doing show and tell in front of the class.
  • Yehana – playing with my friends, drawing and dressing up.
  • Kaylee – drawing, painting and cooking.
  • Isaiah – playing with the blocks.
  • Glorious – using the iPads and playing outside with my friends.

Well done Pre-Primary on a successful Term Four!

Miss Guagliardo, Mrs. Grupillo, Mrs. Consedine, Mrs. McFarlane and the Pre-Primary Class

Take a look at our Zoo Excursion photos from last term 🙂