STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

St Jude’s Catholic Primary School offers a vibrant learning environment and strives to ensure that every child has the opportunity to achieve their personal best and engage in learning.

All students benefit from the STEM program because it teaches independent innovation and allows students to explore greater depths of all the subjects by utilizing the skills learned; these skills will be required for today’s students to be tomorrow’s global leaders and St Jude’s STEM program provides the opportunity to maximise student engagement and participation.

St Jude’s Catholic Primary School offers specialist STEM learning for 100 minutes per week across all year levels.  Students are exposed to real world problems and are encouraged to explore innovative ideas and solutions.   A weekly extracurricular Technology Club also encourages the STEM philosophy and students in the Challenge and Enrichment groups will also participate in STEM learning during the year.  STEM learning is also encouraged in the regular classroom through Inquiry Based Learning projects.

Our students are also provided the opportunities to participate in STEM challenges and competitions.

STEM 4 Girls is a voluntary after school class just for our girls in Year 5 and 6.   STEM thinking is important in every part of our lives, but there is currently a big achievement gap between girls and boys in STEM in schools and women are vastly underrepresented in STEM jobs and among STEM degree holders.  Our aim is to inspire our girls to be STEM leaders of tomorrow.


We have had a lot of fun over the last few weeks making SLIME! 

We found recipes we liked and then worked in groups to create slime to sell at school.  This helps to fund our next project – electronic bubble makers.


We have begun to create our bubble makers.  For this we are using our 3D printers to help create some of the more intricate parts.  We are also using batteries and motors to create our electrical circuits to power our bubble makers.