Year 1

In Year One we have been working hard to become independent learners. We are practicing working at many different learning spaces and when we need help we are being patient class members who raise their hands to ask questions.  We have been diligently applying our literacy skills during writing tasks and we are rapidly becoming authors who can explain our thoughts and ideas clearly to others. We are learning that words have a beginning, middle and end sound. When we speak clearly and slowly we can begin to decode what we need to write when creating a sentence.
Our favourite part of the day has been our literacy block where songs have helped us to learn reading strategies. So far we have met eagle eye, lips the fish, stretchy snake, and chunky monkey. These strategies have helped us all to begin taking home reading books. We are excited that we are all making progress to becoming word detectives.
Our mini-whiteboards have been used each day to help us put our mathematical thinking into numerals and pictures. Each day we revise things we already know and are beginning to learn new addition skills.
We are looking forward to Team year one continuing to grow and change as we come to school each day with a wonderful attitude ready to learn.