Year 1

This term, the year one students have embarked on a new exciting adventure. We have participated in our first school swimming lessons.  Everyone including the teachers and parents are so proud of the way that the students are getting ready each day. It is a big responsibility to care for our swimming belongings and remember to bring our change of clothes each day.
This term we are participating in many different assessment opportunities so that we can demonstrate our academic progress for the year. It has been a very enlightening start to the term as many students have made such astonishing growth in their reading levels.

Term 3

This term in year 1, we have been working hard to become independent learners who inquire about the world around them to grow in knowledge and skills.  We have been working on our knowledge of reading and writing by exploring fiction and non-fiction texts. We’re looking forward to creating our own picture books over the next few weeks and hope to display them on the open night.

Last week we were lucky enough to take a bus ride to Scitech to help us to explore the concepts of STEM that we have been learning in school. We were very impressed with our student’s behavior and hope that the Rescue exhibition will inspire their design abilities as they participate in Ms. Allens STEM projects this term.

Term 2…

This term in year 1 we have become very independent learners. We are learning to work at an appropriate learning space for extended periods of time. We are learning to complete our learning tasks within a set time frame. We have learned to read written instructions and to follow these instructions as we complete our independent work. We use many visual timers such as the online timer, a five-minute warning or a sand timer to help us to understand how much time we have left to complete our tasks.

We are looking forward to the year 1 Mass on Friday of 14th June. The whole class is very excited to have the opportunity to lead the school at this liturgical celebration. We are learning that there are special procedures that need to be followed. As a class, we are learning to respond appropriately during prayer time and how our body should look as we participate in the Mass. We hope that many year one families can come along to watch on this special occasion.

In Technology, we became ‘Lego Masters’.  We had a series of challenges that we had to complete with Lego.  It was a lot of fun and we were really pleased with our creations.

We love Japanese and we are learning a lot of interesting words.

Previously in Year 1:

In year one we have been very busy this term learning to follow instructions and understand the rules of the school. We have shown our teachers that we can show respect and care to others by listening to the speaker. We are learning to demonstrate whole body listening at all times.

In year one we have a 21st century classroom. We do not have a set desk. We share the room at all times and we learn to select a place that will suit our learning style.

This term in year 1 religion we have been learning about the liturgical seasons and we know that we are currently in the season of Lent. We changed our prayer table to reflect the season.

Each day we participate in a mindful activity. Our favourite activity to do is our drawing by following along to art hub for kids.