Year 1

As the year comes to an end we are feeling very proud of all the hard work that the year one class has put into their learning. They have become wonderful readers, writers, and mathematicians.

Most importantly we are grateful for the way that the students are caring for each other. They continuously look for opportunities to share their gifts of the holy spirit with everyone around them. Many students in year one have been receiving Mercy awards and Gotcha awards due to their wonderful classroom and playground behaviour.

As we finish the year we would like to thank all the parents for their support this year. The parents have been working hard to support the year one class by sending their children to school each day prepared. It is wonderful to see children becoming responsible for their belongings. Each day the students put their water bottles, crunch and sip and satchels in the right location.

We hope that all the families have a wonderful break and remain safe. We are looking forward to the beginning of next year when the students will return as year two students.


Mrs Fonseca, Mrs Murray and Mrs B.