Year Three

It’s been an extremely busy start to the term for our Year 3 class. Sadly we had to say farewell to Miss Carey at the end of last term, but we welcomed back Mrs Throssell. So far this term we have had Bunnings visit us to help us make a Mother’s Day present, presented the Mother’s Day Mass and hosted our Mum’s in the classroom for a Mother’s Day morning, participated in a Reconciliation night and Retreat in preparation for Reconciliation later in the term and finally completed NAPLAN for the first time! Phew! That doesn’t even include all the learning that has taken place. Hopefully things will slow down for us over the next few weeks!


Previously in Year 3…

Welcome to Year 3 for 2019.  Year 3 is a big transition from junior primary but the students have been adjusting well to their new classroom and new routines.

Each morning when they come in, they have been completing daily maths activities that help to consolidate their understanding of place value, and they have been exploring different ways to represent and work with larger numbers.  The students have been proving that they are great mathematical thinkers and I look forward to continuing this work with them throughout the term.

This year, the Year 3 class will be working alongside the Kindergarten students as part of our school buddy program. The Year 3’s are eager to meet their Kindy buddy for the first time and spend some time getting to know them.

I look forward to seeing parents and family at next week’s ‘Parent Information Afternoon’. It is a great way to hear about what is happening in the class and to get to know what will be expected for your child throughout the year.

Miss Elena Carey