Year 4

The Year Four’s have had an extremely busy start to the term but excitement stemmed from having their own iPads to complete tasks as they equip themselves for life in the 21st century. The iPads are an integral tool for learning in the 21st century as it enables students to complete tasks that would otherwise not be possible using traditional methods. Creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and design are just some of the skills that are fostered to complete tasks using their iPads.

After completing a few ‘getting to know you’ activities, the Year Fours were busy at work as they learnt about the Church, the meaning of the ‘Our Father’, explored the Parable of the Sower and looked at the story of the ‘Temptation in the Desert’ as we entered the season of Lent. Students also created informational videos using the ‘Clips’ app to explain Ash Wednesday and the season of Lent.

Further to this, students engaged in a number of hands on Place Value activities in Maths, explored safe places and warning signs in Health and began their rotational reading activities, narrative writing and spelling program in literacy!

In music, students have been learning to play the recorder and can play the notes B and A. We are practicing at lunchtimes and getting really good at playing a range of songs.

Finally, students have been learning about natural resources provided by the environment in HASS. Our Inquiry question is ‘Humans can impact on our environment.’ We have been working in groups and learning lots about the impact we have on the environment and the importance of living sustainably.

With the term well and truly underway, the Year Fours are now right in the swing of things!

Year Four Teachers