Year 4

The Year Four’s have begun the term with a bang and have been busy at work!

In Religious Education, students have been learning about the Sacrament of Baptism and have explored their conscience, the meaning of sin and the cleansing property of water. They also took part in a Godly Play lesson that re-enacted the Rite of Baptism.

In Literacy, students have resumed their rotational reading group activities which include an assortment of activities that involve improving their comprehension skills, speaking and listening and reading fluency. The students have had a lot of fun creating their ‘supersize me’ sentences as they practice identifying nouns and adjectives as well as verbs and adverbs!

In Mathematics, students have blown us away as they have learned to use four different methods for multiplication that include methods such as the: ‘Work from the Left Method’, ‘Grid Method’, ‘Lattice Method’ and this week have learned the ‘Traditional Method’ for multiplying two digit by two digit numbers. Once proficient in these methods, students will then be able to choose the method that they are the most comfortable with to use as their preferred method for solving various multiplication problems. Last week, students were excited to solve a five digit by five digit multiplication problem using the lattice method and were in celebration mode when they used a calculator to confirm that they had arrived at the correct answer.    In the measurement strand, students have also been learning about angles and shapes!

This week, we were really excited to spend time with our Pre Primary Buddies!

Finally, students have been exploring what is sustainability and how can we be more sustainable at St Jude’s. Stay tuned for our exciting project!

With the term well and truly underway, we can’t wait to see what other exciting things will be happening in Year Four for the remainder of the Term!

Previously in Year 4…

Last week the wait for the Year Four class was finally over as their new teacher arrived back from his leave. Many questions were finally answered and for some, having their first male teacher was the highlight of their day.

The Year Four’s have had an extremely busy start to the term but excitement stemmed from writing letters to their unknown pen pals from Sacred Heart School in Thornlie.

After completing a few ‘getting to know you’ activities, the Year Fours were busy at work as they learnt about the Church, the Apostles of Jesus and the Bishops that look after the Churches in our area. Further to this, students engaged in a number of hands on Place Value and measurement activities in Maths, explored safe places and warning signs in Health and began their rotational reading activities, poetry and spelling program in literacy!’

Finally, students have been exploring our history as they have been learning about the First Fleet in HASS.

With the term well and truly underway, the Year Fours are now right in the swing of things!

Sincere thanks to the Year Four’s for making me feel so welcome not only in the class but at St Judes as well!

Year Four Teachers