Year 5

What a whirlwind of learning this term has been already! We have hit the ground running and tried very hard to embrace all the learning opportunities Mrs. Renton has presented us with.

In Mathematics we’ve started our new PR1ME Maths program and have been looking at Place Value and representing numbers in different forms.

In Religion we have been celebrating the gift of our bodies and discussing how God wants us to use our bodies to communicate love and goodness. We created morning, lunch and afternoon prayers for our Year Five 2020 Class Prayer book and have commenced our Daily Prayer Roster. We enjoy taking turns and leading the class in prayer each day.

In English we have been exploring language conventions in preparation for NAPLAN and in Shared Reading we are reading an entertaining novel by John Grogan called ‘Marley – A dog like no other’. In Handwriting we are working towards attaining our ‘Blue Pen’ licences. In order to achieve our licence, we have to demonstrate that we can consistently write fluently and neatly in blue pen. We have also been writing letters to our future self that reflect on Me/Now, My World, What I Do, People In My Life and My Future. Mrs. Renton will keep these time capsule letters safe and give them back to us at the end of the year, so we can see how much we have grown physically, spiritually, emotionally, socially and academically.

In Integrated Studies we have been participating in team building activities to enhance our ability to work cooperatively with others; and we have started designing a family coat of arms, that represents the uniqueness of our beautiful families. We also created shoe designs that reflect our individual selves and help others to see what it is like to ‘Walk in our Shoes’.

We are also super delighted to have our new HP touch screen laptops. The one-to-one laptop program we have in our classroom, enables us to embed technology into all that we do, on a daily basis, and we feel privileged to be using this tool to assist us with our learning.

Mrs Renton & the Year 5 team