Year 6

The first day of Year 6… I was feeling excited because I felt like I still needed to mature a lot from year 5. When I first came into year 6, we completed some activities so that Mr G would know more about our personality. Every day when we come to school we got to choose where to sit. Mr Maher, Mrs Simpson and Ms Allen came into our class to talk about leadership and the roles. We split into groups for leadership (Sports, Communications, Pastoral and Environment).  We also use this website called Seesaw. In Seesaw, we can do assignments that Mr G gave us, and if our parents join the group, then they can comment and like our work.  


The first day of Year 6 I was nervous, but I got settled in by the third day, I was surprised by how amazing it was and how it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. We did activities like ‘all about me’, which was amusing!  The best part about the first week in Year 6 was the fact we could sit anywhere we wanted but we had to come early in the morning as if it was a race, my favorite part about those mornings is everyone running inside for their spot, it also encouraged us to come early in the morning. We had a meeting about the leadership roles and projects and the groups we we’re in.  We got to know Mr G better and that was fun.  He told us about his life and his past, so we got to know him better and could understand him better. My favourite part about being in Year 6 is the fact that Mr G calls us our siblings names! 


We are also very excited to be taking part in the Synergy Schools Solar Challenge.  We are learning all about using solar panels before constructing our solar cars.  We will be taking a team of four to the finals in March – stay tuned 🙂