Year 6

We’ve been doing a lot of work in class and it consists of many different subjects.   In Religion we’ve been focusing on Confirmation and the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit.   Then we moved on to our MJR focus determined by W.E.S.T which stands for Welcoming, Encouraging, Sorry and Thanks.  We  had to explain what they mean and how people can show those qualities.

In Maths we’ve been looking at percentages and ratios, learning how to convert them into different forms as well as creating number sequences using fractions, whole numbers and decimals.   We’ve also been learning about solving algebraic addition and subtraction equations.

Recently, we have made narratives to practice for our final narratives which are going to be on display this open night.  We had to create character profiles before writing the full narrative.

In our inquiry this term we have been learning about the ways a child’s well-being can be impacted by their environment.  So far we have been looking at organizations that help children in poverty in and out of Australia and later in the term we’re going to be starting a fundraiser for the Flores Foundation.  So we’ve been very busy so far and we’re looking forward to what the future holds for us next.

On August the 25th, a group of students celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation.   Archbishop Timothy Costello was with us through the Confirmation Journey,   There were lots of people on the day and we saw Archbishop wearing his ‘Mitre’ which is the crown he wears and the staff/shepherds staff which is what he was holding. I was really nervous because I was doing the First reading and I thought I was going to mess up but it all went good.   We all had to hold gifts at the start of the Mass and Mr G would read what each one of them were. When he read them out whoever who was holding that specific Gift had to go up and place the gift on a table that was up on the Altar, I was holding a candle that said ‘Wisdom’.   We had to go up to Archbishop with our Sponsors and the Archbishop blessed us with the Oil of Chrism.  i had a good time with my friends receiving the Sacrament and when we were finished with the mass we went down to the hall to cut the Confirmation cake.  Everything went to plan and I enjoyed it.

By Mitchel


Term 3:

We have been working really hard in the classroom.   We started our inquiry about migration and how it changes the world.  We are also excited to be creating cereal boxes because we get to be in a group and make an advertisement for our cereal box. Our maths this term has been lots of fun.  We have looked at angles and have been completing our Jurassic World Theme Park using money and building it using the area and perimeter we have been learning about.

On Friday the 3rd of May the Year 1’s and the Year 6’s led the ANZAC Day Commemorations. We practiced throughout the week and we led the Commemoration. We were joined by the whole school and some parents to celebrate this commemoration. We started with explaining why we celebrate ANZAC Day. Then some Year 6’s and some Year 1’s handed out ANZAC cookies to each classroom teacher. Then we had the laying of the wreath and the raising of the flag. Then the Gospel was read and following the Gospel the Prayers of the Faithful were read. Then the whole school sang the National Anthem. At the end of the commemoration we had the 1-minute silence and the playing of the bugle

Finally, it was a pleasure having our mothers come and join us in our classroom for morning tea, following our mass celebration. We hope all the mums have a wonderful Mother’s Day and are spoilt by their children.

Term One…

Our reflections on a fantastic camp at Fairbridge…

Camp 2019 was very fun and exciting. There were a lot of activities such as low ropes, high ropes, the giant swing and a lot more.   Some of my favorite activities were the giant swing and high ropes. The camp was at Fairbridge and there was a lot of laughing and jokes.  One of the other good things about camp was the silent challenge which was were two teachers would try to make the kids laugh.  Almost everyone laughed at least once or twice.  On the ride home everyone was sad to go but happy to be able to go back home.  I think that this was a fun and educational experience.  By Zion

I would say that camp was so thrilling and exciting. Every moment there was a different activity to experience. It was fun getting to spend times with my friends and teachers getting closer to everyone every day. My favourite activities were the giant swing, abseiling and high ropes. We had such a great time and everyone getting out of their comfort zones and working as a team. I couldn’t ask for a better camp because I will remember this forever and never forget it.  By Destiny

Year 6 camp 2019 was amazing. My favourite activities were the zip lining, giant swing and the abseiling.   Even though some activities were challenging, camp was awesome.   The cabins were really comfortable and the food was amazing!  By Dhanishta