Three Year Old Kindy

Three-year-old Kindy is an educational program for children who have turned three years of age, or are turning three years of age in 2018. The program is play based and provides meaningful experiences that promote the development of spiritual, social, emotional, language, intellectual, creative and physical skills. A trained teacher is entrusted with creating a caring, safe and stimulating environment that will nurture your child’s natural curiosity, sense of wonder, and ability to explore and construct meaning about the world.

St Jude’s offers one half-day session per week on Wednesday mornings from 9.00am to 11.30am.  Please contact the school office if you are interested.

The cost of enrolment in Three Year Old Kindy is $300.00 per term for one session per week.

Links to the Parent Information Booklet and the Enrolment Form are listed below.  Alternatively, parents can contact the School Office on 6350 2500 for further information.

We look forward to welcoming you to the St Jude’s Three-Year-Old Kindy group!

Pre Kindy Enrolment Form

2018 Pre-Kindy Booklet