St Jude’s offers a developmental music and drama program from Kindergarten to Year 6. It is holistic, child focused and inclusive. All students are actively involved in learning about music through singing and playing.

All students from Years Four to Six are given the opportunity to sing in Choir. This extra curricula choir provides interested students with additional music and performance skills. Students in the special choir program perform at many events throughout the year.

Students are offered the opportunity to learn the piano or keyboard onsite. Other opportunities for guitar and drums are available if there is the demand for these instruments.


Wow what a fantastic time we have been having in music and drama classes this term. Here is a brief glimpse of what is going on every Tuesday in the music room.

In pre-primary the children have learnt lots of movement songs such as ‘Here we go Looby Loo’ and this term we have been exploring tempo, fast and slow through dance. We are terrific movers and our behaviour in music is outstanding.

In year 1 we have learnt the ‘Pony Gallop’ and ‘The Shearers Dance’ and we have had to work with a partner. It is lots of fun dancing with a partner and keeping in time to the music.

In year 2 we have learnt that music can have a purpose such as a lullaby for helping a baby sleep or working songs that keep people together in a team.

In year 3 we have learnt songs from other cultures and that music has a form. We have enjoyed playing the xylophones.

In year 4 we are learning about tempo. We have moved to a tango in four/four time and a waltz that is in three/four time. Tempo makes us move in different ways.

In year 5 and 6 drama we have been working in groups on a rap. We will be evaluating each groups performance and giving feedback on how each group could improve their performance.


The St Jude’s choir performed last Friday night at the Perth Arena at the One Big Voice Festival. It was an amazing night and Mrs Simpson and Mrs Murray were very proud of the students in the choir and the positive way they sang, danced and behaved during the rehearsal and the performance. Well done to everyone!