St Jude’s offers a developmental music and drama program from Kindergarten to Year 6. It is holistic, child focused and inclusive. All students are actively involved in learning about music through singing and playing.

All students from Years Four to Six are given the opportunity to sing in Choir. This extra curricula choir provides interested students with additional music and performance skills. Students in the special choir program perform at many events throughout the year.

Students are offered the opportunity to learn the piano or keyboard onsite. Other opportunities for guitar and drums are available if there is the demand for these instruments.


What a great time we have had in Music and Drama. The students have been fantastic and played, sang and danced their way through term one. Here is a run through of just some of the concepts we have covered to start the year.

Pre-Primary – we have had fun learning echo songs, singing loud and soft, playing tapping sticks and shakers. We are amazing Mrs Murray with our ability to keep the beat and our dance moves.

Year 1 – we have used sound stories to learn about pitch, high and low sounds, tempo, fast and slow. We have used percussion instruments to play sound stories.

Year 2 – we have been using pitch maps to conduct and identify high and low sounds. We have been learning how to use beaters and to read and play notes on the xylophone.

Year 3 – we have revised all our rhythms and learnt new ones. We have composed individual rhythm charts and played these on percussion instruments.

Year 4 – we have learned about time signature and accent beats. We have explored 4/4 and 3/4 time through dance, playing instruments and singing.

Year 5 & 6– we have developed our drama skills through games, mime and improvisation. We have used classical music to interpret a character.