St Jude’s is a caring and multicultural educational community which offers innovative programmes and seeks to provide a safe, nurturing and secure environment for all children and their families

Our Story



St Jude’s Catholic Primary School welcomed its first students on 29 April 1979.  The establishment of the School was1981stjudes the dream of Parish Priest, Father Byrne, which he had shared with his Parish Council and loyal parishioners – a diverse group of new migrant families.

lt was through their strong Catholic faith, determination and hard work that the School commenced with three classes and 56 students.  Sister Maura Kelleher RSM, one of the Mercy Sisters living opposite the Parish Church, was appointed as the foundation Principal.

Sr Maura served as Principal until Mr John Last commenced in the position in 1985.  He led the School with great enthusiasm, continuing its development and growth.

It was under the leadership of Mrs Judy Hearne, from 1992 -1999, that the School undertook its first major Capital Development Plan in 1995.  A new staff room, wet area, uniform shop, eating area and atrium were built during this period.

In 2000, the School welcomed the appointment of Sister Jilyan Dingle as Principal for a short time. She was then followed by Mrs Helen O’Toole who implemented the final stages of the current Capital Development Plan which included the enhancement of the school grounds, a staff car park, an upgrade of the point Parish/School basketball courts, beautification of the front entrance of the School and the provision of a toilet for the disabled.

Mrs Lyn Stone was appointed principal between 2006 and 2017.  She continued a programme of improvements throughout the School. Upgrades of the School’s facilities included a covered lunch area for the junior students, refurbishment of the Library and additional resources in the Kindergarten and Pre-Primary areas as well as the construction of an all-weather multipurpose hall. The most recent building projects completed were the extension of the Pre-Primary Classroom and the addition of new toilets in the Early Learning Block in 2014. There has been extensive beautification to the school grounds and the general school environment both inside and out creating a school that is a well resourced and modern place of learning.

In 2018, the St Jude’s School Community welcomed Mrs Jonnda Simpson as Principal.

It is with great pride that the School community can look back to the dedication and commitment of those founding families’ and Fr Byrne’s dream to establish a Catholic school built on the strong tradition of Catholic faith and education.

It is very special to know that through their grandchildren, the families are still connected to St Jude’s today.


St Jude’s Catholic School is a compassionate and welcoming community. We centre our learning in Christ and strive to achieve excellence, as we affirm, nurture and develop the unique Gifts of each child.



There’s always room for one more.


The children gathered in a circle symbolises that we are all united.

The circle remaining open symbolising that there is always room for one more

The symbol in the middle represents that our school is centred in Christ.


Saint Jude, Apostle of Jesus,
You carried the Good News to the world.
Guide us in our learning
and in working to achieve our goals.
Guide us in understanding our troubles and in learning to grow from them.

Speak to Jesus for us in our needs
and help us to help others.
We remember the help you give us through Jesus
and ask you to pray for us.



St. Jude’s School Creed

I believe that I am special

I am different from every other person

and have my own gifts,

I believe that God knows and loves me

just as I am,

He helps me to grow to be like Him

and always do my best,

I believe I can become the person God wants me to be because people in my school and family care for me


St Jude’s School Song
Graham Maher, Gaylor Murray & Jonnda Simpson


As we gather all together
As one great big family
With Christ at our centre
We act with love and mercy.

We are guided by each other
On this journey, we are one

At St Jude’s – –
There’s always room for one more

Oh St Jude, Apostle of Jesus
Guide us as we grow
Help us shine the light of Jesus
Everywhere we go!

We believe that we are special
Unique in every way
God helps us grow to be like Him
Each and every day!

With the Mercy Sisters guiding us
As we Make Jesus Real
At St Jude’s – –
There’s always room for one more

Oh St Jude, Apostle of Jesus
Guide us as we grow
Help us shine the light of Jesus
Everywhere we go!

Oh St Jude, Apostle of Jesus
Guide us as we grow
Help us shine the light of Jesus
Everywhere we go!

At St Jude’s – –
There’s always room for one more


Foley Faction
For Father Foley who helped build St Jude’s Church.
Virtue: Tolerance

Petry Faction
For St Jude’s first Parish Priest, Fr Petry
Virtue: Unity

Mercy Faction
For the Sisters of Mercy
Virtue: Service


St Jude’s School was established by The Sisters of Mercy.

The order of the Sisters of Mercy was founded by Catherine McAuley in Ireland in 1831. She recognised the needs of those who were marginalised and oppressed by unjust social attitudes and practices of the day and responded by establishing a House of Mercy in Dublin which provided educational, religious and social services for women and children who were at risk of homelessness through exploitation and entrenched poverty.

The Order of the Sisters of Mercy began when three Sisters made their Profession of Vows on 12 December 1831. Pope Gregory XVI  formally approved the Mercy Rule and Constitutions on 6th June 1841, just a few months before Catherine’s death, 11 November 1841.

In just ten years, Mother Catherine had established ten autonomous foundations in Ireland and two in England.

The first Sisters of Mercy, led by Ursula Frayne, came from Dublin settled in Victoria Square, Perth, Australia in 1846.

They had heard the missionary call and crossed the oceans and the continents to work to realise the vision of Catherine McAuley.

Schools were established throughout Australia with the oldest continuous ministry being Mercedes College in Perth.

Symbols of our Mercy heritage around the school:

Mercy Garden

  • The Mercy Garden was established in 2007.
  • This is a sacred space in our school. It is a place for quiet reflection and as a visual reminder of our Mercy tradition.
  • The 30th and 40th Year anniversary time capsule is buried in this garden

Mercy Values

  • The Mercy Values are displayed around the school.
  • In 2017 the Mercy Value pencils were placed outside the admin block. Classrooms also have Mercy Value posters displayed.
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