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Playgroups are a great way for your young child to practise getting along with others and try new
ways to play. Playgroups can also help you meet other parents in your community, share parenting
experiences and make new friends.

What is a playgroup?
A playgroup is a regular and relaxed meeting for groups of young children who haven’t yet started
school and their parents or caregivers. Children do organised play activities together while their
parents or caregivers supervise and socialise.

Usually playgroups happen once a week.

Playgroups are usually non-profit community groups run by and for the people who go to them. This
means they’re low cost and everyone is welcome.

Why playgroups are good for children
Playgroups are great fun! Your young child will get to try different play activities – singing, dancing,
art and craft – with other children.

At playgroup, your child can:

  • enjoy new books and music
  • try out new imaginative and creative activities
  • practise how to play with other children
  • learn how to interact with adults other than parents or caregivers.

Although your child might not go to school for another year or more, playgroups can also help young
children start developing skills they need for school, like learning to share, taking turns and making

Why playgroups are good for parents
Playgroups can give you and your child some time for one-on-one play away from home and
everyday distractions

Playgroups are also a good opportunity for you to:

  • meet new people and make new friends
  • share concerns, ideas and experiences
  • learn from other parents
  • learn more about your community and connect with local services

Come along and join St Jude’s Playgroup in the School Hall at St Jude’s Catholic Primary School
every Monday morning from 9.00am to 11.am

For all enquiries, please contact the School Office on 63502500 or admin@stjudes.wa.edu.au

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