We are proud of our children and all that they achieve and share with them a great pride in our school

Principal’s Welcome

It is my great pleasure to welcome past, present and prospective members to our beautiful St Jude’s Catholic School community. St Jude’s has changed over the last 40 years and we are very proud of our short history.

Selecting a school is one of the most important decisions that parents make on behalf of their children.  Few things will have more impact on a young person’s future than the quality of school they attend. We take this honour very seriously and pride ourselves on the partnerships that are forged with parents as we offer every child who enters our doors the very best start as minds are inspired, characters are formed, and values and traditions of the past form the foundations of the future.

Established in 1979, with students ranging from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6, we continue to share strong connections with the Mercy traditions and our Parish. Our ethos is deeply centred on the teachings of Jesus and respect for the dignity of each person.

Our school boasts quality facilities and resources, the latest technology, highly skilled and dedicated teachers, and a wonderful sense of unity and community. Children are encouraged to play, run and thrive in a safe, inclusive and secure environment.

We value the importance of literacy and numeracy, which is reflected in the high standards set by our staff.  Our versatile curriculum includes innovative programs and an integrated education which encourages physical, intellectual, moral, social, spiritual and creative growth.  We offer specialist programs in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths), Physical Education, Music, Japanese, and Art.

Our families are offered the opportunity to be part of a caring and multicultural educational community.  We provide support for children who have English as a Second Language, as well as offering a range of opportunities for all children to develop their gifts and talents.

We are proud of our children and all that they achieve, and share with them a great pride in our school.

Please contact us to discover how St Jude’s Catholic School can support your child’s learning journey!

Jonnda Simpson

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