St Jude’s is a WasteSorted Accredited school!

Environmental and Sustainability

The WasteSorted Schools program, provides support to schools across Western Australia to promote better waste management practices and behaviours, with a focus on waste avoidance and resource recovery. It also develops positive environmental values in students and the whole school community.

The program offers resources such as professional learning, curriculum materials and in-school support to plan, implement and maintain waste avoidance and resource recovery projects such as recycling, composting and worm farming.

Besides reducing waste sent to landfill and helping to protect our environment, schools that successfully implement WasteSorted Schools strategies notice the following benefits:

  • Reduced waste-related costs
  • Cleaner school grounds that are free from litter
  • Healthier lunches for students
  • Parental involvement and
  • Positive community building.

Our Environmental and Sustainability program includes the following:

  • WasteSorted Initiatives
    Our WasteSorted Initiatives throughout the school aim at reducing the amount of rubbish that ends up in landfill each year. Some of these initiatives include:
    • Reusable Canteen Bags
    • Recycling Station
    • Containers for Change
    • Annual WasteAudit
    • Worm Farming and Classroom Composting
    • Soft Plastic Recycling
    • TrashFree Tuesdays
    • Sustainable / Edible Garden (COMING SOON!)
  • WasteWarriors
    Our WasteWarriors are a team of students from Years 1-6 who take ownership over the maintenance of our WasteWise initiatives. Some of the tasks our WasteWarriors carry out include daily maintenance of our worm farm and recycling programmes at our school.
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