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St Jude's Code of Conduct Guidelines

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to describe minimum standards of conduct in all behaviour and decision making to ensure the safety and well-being of students.

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School Fee Schedule and Collection Procedures

In accordance with CEWA policy, St Jude’s School endeavours to make available the opportunity for a Catholic education to all Catholic students whose parents seek a Catholic education for them, insofar as is
possible, embodying the Church’s special preference for the poor and disadvantaged. It is in Christian
faith that we seek justice for all members of our community by being fair in our expectations of parents/guardians to support financially the needs of the school community. We do this by actively
pursuing the collection of school fees where parents have the capacity to pay.

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School Assessment and Reporting Procedures

The purpose of this procedure is to provide students, parents, guardians and the school community with information about how Curriculum, Assessing and Reporting take place within St Jude’s Catholic School as it aims to meet the learning and development needs of all students and to provide for the integration of faith, life and culture.

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Disputes and Complaints Procedures

St Jude’s Catholic School is committed to handling complaints effectively and efficiently. To manage complaints effectively, we have established a Complaints Management System.

Behaviour Management Guidelines & Procedures

St Jude’s School Behaviour Management Procedure honours this vision by highlighting the value we place on creating a supportive, safe and positive school environment where staff, students and parents become known and valued members of our school community.

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Attendance and Non-attendance Procedures

St Jude’s believes there is a need to engage students and establish positive attendance behaviours in the early years of schooling; to support student attendance at transition points and to raise parent and community awareness of the fact that, where academic achievement is concerned, every day counts. There is a mutual obligation of schools, parents, and communities to develop strategies that link directly to the local causes of student absence.

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CEWA Statutory Privacy Policy

The purpose of the new provisions is to ensure that organisations, which hold information about people, handle that information responsibly. They aim to establish a nationally consistent approach to the management of personal information. The Privacy Act governs how private sector organisations handle personal and sensitive information.

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CEWA Privacy Collection Notice

The primary purpose of collecting this information is for the School and CEWA to support and administer students’ safe participation in the educational programme of the school according to law, which will enable students to participate in School and CEWA activities.

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CEWA Whistleblower Protection Framework

The Whistleblower Protection Framework is designed to uphold CEWA’s shared values arising from the Catholic Social Teaching Principles of the dignity of the human person, the common good, subsidiarity, co-responsibility and participation.

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Other School Based Procedures


Bullying – Parents Guide

A Parent’s Guide to Countering Bullying

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Bullying – Students Guide

A Student’s Guide to Countering Bullying

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Camps & Excursions Procedures

At St Jude’s, excursions play a major role in enhancing learning programs organised by the school for which students are required to be away from the school. They are an integral part of our educational program. They provide opportunities for both the educational and faith development of our students and reflect Catholic principles and values. The students gain opportunities to experience life outside of the school in situations that they may not otherwise.

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Kindy to Year 2 Digital Agreement

Kindy to Year 2 Digital Citizenship Agreement

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St Jude’s Year 3-6 Digital Agreement

Year 3 to 6 Digital Citizenship Agreement

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Homework Guidelines

Homework helps students by complementing and reinforcing classroom learning, fostering good lifelong learning and study habits, and providing an opportunity for students to be responsible for their own learning.

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Uniform Guidelines

St Jude’s believes that the School uniform is an important part of the School’s identity, and that students should wear it with pride and distinction.

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